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The Three-wheel design

After playing with 4-wheel electric-skateboard designs for several years it became apparent that the fourth wheel may be a vestigial appendage leftover from old-fashioned foot-powered skateboarding. The 3SK8esk8's three-wheel design solves traction, power, efficiency and handling problems that four-wheel e-boards have not yet been able to.

The large, centered rear-wheel of the 3SK8esk8 houses a powerful 48v motor that can charge up hills and stop on a dime better than any dual-motor board on the market. It offers incredible traction that traditional wheels cannot and gyroscopic stability at high speeds that make speed-wobbles nearly impossible.

The traditional trucks and wheels up front along with the bamboo deck ensure that the 3SK8-esk8 feels like riding a regular skateboard/longboard. Additionally, the ability to use a wide variety of trucks and wheels make it such that the rider can really fine-tune the style and performance of the board.

The Deck and Electronics Enclosure

The deck and electronics enclosure were designed together to produce a natural and energetic flex. First, the deck is hand-crafted from seven layers of bamboo, four lengthwise with three cross-cuts. Four additional layers are added to the rear fork for strength and act as a foot-stop. The deck is then sheathed in fiberglass and epoxy to make it beautiful, safe and nearly indestructible. Finally, the board is sure-gripped with a proprietary-blend of three grades of recycled glass-grit to keep the rider securely in place at all times.

The enclosure is custom-formed out of ¼ inch ABS and is both rugged and flexible. It is attached to the deck at only three points in order to allow optimal flex, and it can be removed without any tools for easy access to the electronics and battery compartment. Additionally, the enclosure and electronics are both water and dust resistant. 

The Electronics System

The 3SK8esk8 comes equipped with the newest, VESC-Project based electronics and is both upgradable and easily repaired. It was designed with the DIY enthusiast in-mind. BLDC programming makes the system powerful and responsive, yet whisper quiet with extremely smooth start-ups and stopping.

Our Custom Race Remotes

The remote is just as important as the board in our opinion. Because of this, we developed our own remotes. We paid attention to what people asked for and tried to give them what they want.

First, we made both a thumb-control and trigger model. The world of esk8ers seems to fall into either of those categories for the most part, and we felt a need to accommodate both control styles.

Another feature is the bamboo enclosure. We make our own skate decks from bamboo and decided to press our own custom bamboo plywood for the remotes. They are ergonomic and compact. Also, with an impact resistance rating higher than concrete, they are very durable. The naked bamboo has a very nice feel, especially over long rides. So we left it unfinished. We just rubbed in a little pure tung-oil with citrus solvent to protect it and give it a nice shine. This same technique is used for fine gun and cutlery handles. Why not use it on an esk8 remote?

We also put a lot of consideration into the control itself. Most.. no, actually, all remotes on the market today use something similar to a video-game joystick. While those might be good for helping Mario navigate his world, they are not reliable enough for use on a vehicle that you are flying down a hill on top of. Our controls are made by a military contractor that make controls for aviation, military vehicles and heavy machinery. They are tested rigorously and have high ratings for repeatability, impact, dust and water resistance. They have smooth, linear response and are comfortable to touch. 

The remotes come with an OLED display that can be customized for right and left handed riders. The screen displays just about everything you could want to know about what's going on from speed to current to battery life for both the remote and board. One eighth of an inch of epoxy-resin is poured over the screen and allowed to cure making it substantially more durable.

An external uFL antenna helps maintain a solid connection, but should you lose contact for any reason, the Estop feature will gently stop the board.

Lastly, we added Bluetooth to the receiver so that you can connect to smartphone apps like Xmatic or the VESC app for real-time ride data.

The Battery and Hub-motor Powerhouse

The 8-inch wheel with 48v, 1000watt, hall-sensored hub-motor is capable of speeds up to 27 mph. It has powerful regenerative braking while also being able to charge up hills. Additionally, the motor is waterproof and exceptionally durable. The tire is molded rubber and cannot blowout. The entire wheel and motor can more than handle the rigors of electric-skateboarding.

The battery is a 13s4p 48v 12.8 AH lithium-ion beast. Ride for over 25 miles and charge in less than two hours with the included 54.6v 3A quick-charger. The battery is easy to remove, and the display on the remote gives accurate power level and voltage readings.

The Front-end

Simply put, Seismic Skate makes some of the best skateboard parts out there, and that is why 3SK8esk8 proudly offers an all-Seismic front-end on our board. The 75 mm 75a, clear-blue Avila wheels are super wide and grippy. The Aeon RKP trucks almost seem like they were made for the three-wheel design, and the Tekton ceramic bearings roll smoothly and silently forever and ever and ever. The front end is also secured using ¼ inch hardware instead of the standard 3/16 inch for added durability.

While the Seismic front-end is an all-around favorite, the 3SK8esk8 has tested exceptionally well with everything from all-terrain to surf-skate set-ups. This diversity is one of the things that makes the board so interesting. You can change-out the trucks and wheels and completely transform the style of the ride. It really is a board-riders e-board.  



  • 7 layers of bamboo (4 lengthwise + 3 cross-cut) with an additional 4 layers in rear fork
  • Sheathed with 6 oz fiberglass and epoxy/resin
  • 9 inches wide x ½ inch thick x 40 inches long with 31 inches of standing area
  • ½ inch rear-camber and ½ inch concavity
  • Epoxy inlayed clear-grip surface
  • Electronics enclosure: Heat-formed ¼ inch ABS


  • Electronic speed controller based on VESC 6 hardware
  • High-voltage, anti-spark button with LED backlight
  • Custom race remotes with OLED display. Thumb-wheel and trigger models availabe.
  • 8-inch wheel with 48v 1000w hub-motor
  • 13s4p 48v 12.8 AH Lithium-ion battery
  • 54.6v 3A charger

 The Front-end:

  • Trucks: Seismic Aeon 45-degree, 180 mm
  • Wheels: Seismic Avila 75mm 75A Crystal-clear blue
  • Bearings: Seismic Tekton Ceramic


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