Kick-tail Short Deck

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The kick-tail integrated-deck is 32 inches long and 9 1/2 inches wide. It has a spacious kick-tail and a little kick in the nose as well. The body of the deck is made from 6 layers of bamboo, 4 long-cut plus 2 cross-cut. The compartment area is made from 16 layers of bamboo and has 1 inch deep electronics area. The bottom of the board is reinforced with 4 oz fiberglass. The top of the nose and tail are reinforced with 4 oz fiberglass as well. For the heavy-weight option 8 oz fiberglass is used. Assorted colors of glass grit are available. The deck can be purchased without finish but will not have a guarantee. The purchase only includes the deck. All other pictured equipment is not included.