Our Custom Race Remotes

The remote is just as important as the board in our opinion. Because of this, we developed our own remotes. We payed attention to what people asked for and tried to give them what they want.

First, we made both a thumb-control and trigger model. The world of esk8ers seems to fall into either of those categories for the most part, and we felt a need to accomodate both control styles.

Another feature is the bamboo enclosure. We make our own skate decks from bamboo and decided to press our own custom bamboo plywood for the remotes. They are ergonomic and compact. Also, with an impact resistance rating higher than concrete, they are very durable. The naked bamboo has a very nice feel, especially over long rides, so we left it unfinished. We just rubbed in a little pure tung-oil with citrus solvent to protect it and give it a nice shine. This same technique is used for fine gun and cutlery handles. Why not use it on an esk8 remote?

We also put a lot of consideration into the control itself. Most.. no, actually, all remotes on the market today use something similar to a video-game joystick. While those might be good for helping Mario navigate his world, they are not reliable enough for use on a vehicle that you are flying down a hill on top of. Our controls are made by a military contractor that makes controls for aviation, military vehicles and heavy machinery. They are tested rigorously and have high ratings for repeatability, impact, dust and water resistance. They have smooth, linear response and are comfortable to the touch. 

The remotes come with an OLED display that can be customized for right and left handed riders. The screen displays just about everything you could want to know about what's going on from speed to current to battery life for both the remote and board. One-eighth of an inch of epoxy-resin is poured over the screen and allowed to cure making it substantially more durable.

An external uFL antenna helps maintain a solid connection, but should you lose contact for any reason, the Estop feature will gently stop the board.

Lastly, we added Bluetooth to the receiver so that you can connect to smartphone apps like XMatic or the VESC app.