The Deck and Electronics Enclosure

The deck and electronics enclosure were designed together to produce a natural and energetic flex. First, the deck is hand-crafted from seven layers of bamboo, four lengthwise with three cross-cut. Four additional layers are added to the rear fork for strength and to act as a foot-stop. The deck is then sheathed in fiberglass and epoxy to make it beautiful, safe and nearly indestructible. Finally, the board is sure-gripped with a proprietary-blend of three grades of recycled glass-grit to keep the rider securely in place at all times.

The enclosure is custom-formed out of ¼ inch ABS and is both rugged and flexible. It is attached to the deck at only three points in order to allow optimal flex, and it can be removed without any tools for easy access to the electronics and battery compartment. Additionally, the enclosure and electronics are both water and dust resistant.