The Front-end

Simply put, Seismic Skate makes some of the best skateboard parts out there, and that is why 3SK8esk8 proudly offers an all-Seismic front-end on our board. The 75 mm 75a, clear-blue Avila wheels are super wide and grippy. The Aeon RKP trucks almost seem like they were made for the three-wheel design, and the Tekton ceramic bearings roll smoothly and silently forever and ever and ever. The front end is also secured using ¼ inch hardware instead of the standard 3/16 inch for added durability.

While the Seismic front-end is an all-around favorite, the 3SK8esk8 has tested exceptionally well with everything from all-terrain to surf-skate set-ups. This diversity is one of the things that makes the board so interesting. You can change-out the trucks and wheels and completely transform the style of the ride. It really is a board-riders e-board.