The Three-wheel Design

After playing with 4-wheel electric-skateboard designs for several years it became apparent that the fourth wheel may be a vestigial appendage leftover from old-fashioned, foot-powered skateboarding. The 3SK8esk8's three-wheel design solves traction, power, efficiency and handling problems that four-wheel, e-board designs have not yet been able to accomplish.

The large, centered rear-wheel of the 3SK8esk8 houses a powerful 48v motor that can charge up hills and stop on a dime better than any dual-motor board on the market. It offers incredible traction that traditional wheels cannot and gyroscopic stability at high speeds that make speed-wobbles nearly impossible.

The traditional trucks and wheels up front along with the bamboo deck ensure that the 3SK8esk8 feels like riding a regular skateboard/longboard. Additionally, the ability to use a wide variety of trucks and wheels make it such that the rider can really fine-tune the style and performance of the board.